Castelbello Catarratto  
12%, Sicilia 
A crisp & refreshing wine with a light taste of citrus fruit from Central Italy  
Glass 175ml 4.45, Glass 250ml 6.35,  
Btl 18.95 
Sauvignon Blanc 
12%, Venezie 
The wine of the moment, this Sauvignon includes just a touch of Muscat & Gewurztraminer to add floral highlights from the Venice region. A lovely palatable wine hence its popularity 
Glass 175ml 4.45, Glass 250ml 6.35, 
Btl 18.95 
Vernaccia di San Gimignano, 
12% Toscana  
I cant reccomend this white enough. It's unoaked, fruity & very crisp. You will not be disappointed 
Glass 175ml 4.60, Glass 250ml 6.60,  
Btl 19.75 
12%, Piemonte 
The wine that was; it might not be as fashionable now but Chardonnay is still one of the best grapes in the world & deserves to come back. A fresh fruity wine with a light finish 
Glass 175ml 5.10, Glass 250ml 7.30, 
Btl 21.90 
Pinot Grigio, L'aristocratico  
12.5%, Trentino 
Due to the popularity many Pinot Grigios have been diluted. This is an original Pinot Grigio from Trentino, where it should come from. Long ripening season & low yield ensures a superb wine. This is the real deal 
Glass 175ml 5.40, Glass 250ml 7.65,  
Btl 22.95 
Frascati Superiore  
12.5%, Lazio 
One of the oldest Italian wines from the Roman region. A complex yet delicious citrus & apple fruit taste reflecting the history of this lovely wine. 
Btl 21.45 
Verdicchio Dei Classico di Jesi Classico,  
12% Marche 
A very traditional wine made from Verdicchio grapes grown close to the famous town of Jesi. A real elegant wine 
Btl 26.95 
Bocelli Vermentino 
13%, Toscana 
The darling of Tuscan whites. Produced solely from Vermentino grapes grown along the coast line. The wine is unoaked & bottled young to capture its freshness with lovely citrus aromas backed by a refreshing, dry palate. 
Btl 29.95 
Gavi di Gavi La Toledana 
12%, Piemonte 
Piemonte's most celebrated wine.The Toledana estate has been growing Cortese & making this classic dry white for over 150 years, longer than any other winery. It's unoaked, fresh & mineral. One of Italy's favourite & a true classic. 
Btl 31.95 
Chardonnay Grand Cru'Terre Siciliana, Rapitala  
14%, Sicilia 
What makes this Sicilian chardonnay special is that it is grown 450 metres above sea level & is hand-harvested. It has a beautiful rich flavour & a gentle oakiness from its ageing. This wine is truely a Grand Cru. 
Btl 39.95 
Sangiovese di Toscana 
12.5% Toscana 
The grape of Tuscany, Sangiovese is widely used in production of Tuscan wines. This wine is light & fruity with a soft finish 
Glass 175ml 4.45, Glass 250ml 6.35,  
Btl 18.95 
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo  
11% Abruzzo 
A rich red from the Adriatic coast, with spicy fruit & firm tannins. A great wine to accompany a pasta or meat dish 
Glass 175ml 4.55, Glass 250ml 6.50, 
Btl 19.40 
12.5%, Lazio 
Probably the best known grape variety of them all. This merlot from Central Italy has the slightest of oak againg & is soft to the palate. 
175ml 4.65, 250ml 6.70,  
Btl 20.00 
Chianti Celsus 
(Wicker Flask) 12.5% Toscana 
The famous wine from the centre of Tuscany between Florence & Sienna is presented in the traditional flask. It is undoubtedly on every Tuscan family table at meal times. 
Btl 20.45 
Bocelli Sangiovese  
13%, Toscana 
A super Tuscan from Andrea Bocelli's finest vineyards. Very lightly oaked & about 20% of the blend spends a year in French oak. It has a wonderful taut freshness & the finish is dry. 
Btl 23.45 
Tanca Farrà 
13.5%, Sardegna 
I was introduced to this wine many years ago by a Sardinian friend of mine. I fell in love with it; it's exceptional. A blend of Cannonai & Cabernet Sauvignon. Three years of aging, first in barriques then in large Slavonian oak casks. The palate is full-bodied with a smooth, Cabernet-fruit resonance.  
Btl 32.95 
Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 
13.5%, Toscana 
The Nobile wine of Tuscany, many would argue the best. This particular estate is near Valiano, my father's birthplace. In this region Sangiovese grapes are called 'Prugnolo Gentile' due to their supererior quality. If you enjoy red wines, this is a must. It's full bodied, rich & lingering on the palate.  
Btl 37.95 
Riserva Ducale oro Chianti Classico Riserva Gran Selezione, 13.5%, Toscana 
It is truely one of the best Chianti I have tasted from the great house of Ruffino. It really is the 'gold reserve' of Chianti. Once reserved for the Italian kings hence the only wine in Italy to have the word 'Riserva' in it's name twice.  
Btl 38.95 
Barolo Il Bastione  
14%, Piemonte 
This wine needs no introduction. Everyone knows Barolo, for good reason. It is a fabulous intense garnet red wine, aged for three years in large oak barrels. The best wine from Piemonte, it is full bodied yet has smooth tannins with developed savoury furity flavours. 
Btl 39.95 
Brunello di Montalcino 
13.5%, Toscana  
This is the king of wines in my opinion. The beautiful hill town of Montalcino has it's vineyards 480 metres above sea level which allows it to produce this very elegant Brunello, from hand-picked Sangiovese grapes. Aged in oak for 30 months, it shows an intense fragrance of red fruits & well-rounded tannins. Simply the best 
Btl 49.95 
Vita Zinfandel Rosé 
12%, Puglia 
A light, fruity, medium-dry Zinfandel from the deep south of Italy. Very refreshing 
Glass 175ml 4.55, Glass 250ml 6.50, 
Btl 19.45 
Pinot Grigio Rosato,  
12%, Veneto 
Pinot Grigio lends itself well to the production of pink wines. Just off dry with delicious peach & strawberry flavours 
Glass 175ml 5.10, Glass 250ml 7.30, 
Btl 21.90 
125ml wine also available by the glass. Vintages may be subject to change. Abv’s +/- 1% 
Prosecco 12% 
Glass 6.25 
Btl 26.95 
Spumante Rose 12% 
Glass 6.25 
Btl 26.95 
Mumm Cordon Rouge NV Champagne 12% 
Btl 39.95 
Perrier Jouet Grand Brut NV Champagne 12% 
Btl 49.95 
Perrier Jouet Blanson Rose NV Champagne 12% 
Btl 69.95 
Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Prestige Cuvee Champagne 12.5% 
Btl 139.95 
Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Rose Prestige Cuvee Champagne 12.5% 
Btl 224.95 
Some of our menu items contain nuts, seeds and other allergens. Therefore there maybe some risk that traces of these could be in any dish served here. Please discuss with your server if you have any concerns or allergies so we can ensure the safety of your meal. 
At Ziniz we are happy to help you with any dietary requirements or just simply modifying a dish to your liking. Please ask staff for suggestions 
GM Foods 
Wherever possible we are aiming to 
avoid products containing GM soya 
and maize, however at present some 
of our products may contain such 
Please be aware that a discretionary 
10% gratuity will be added to the bill. 
All gratuities are distributed amongst 
Ziniz staff. Thank you. 
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